A Surgical Approach to Residential Remodel
Chris Electric in Saint Paul, MN has been specializing in residential remodeling for over 25 years. The unique nature of remodel and our specialized skillset make Chris Electric the best in the business. What makes residential remodel different than any other project? When we work with a remodel we are able to wire and light a space within existing walls, ceilings, and structures. Our goal is to do our work in the least intrusive way possible while still maintaining a cost effective and respectful budget. Remodel is specialized because of the skill it takes to wire a space without disturbing an existing structure. Let’s look a little deeper into what a typical remodel will look like.

If you could draw a parallel between a surgical operating room and a residential remodeling project you’ll be able to get a good idea of how we work. Your home and walls can be considered the patient or body, the electrical work or lighting as the surgery /intervention, and the electrician as the surgeon. Typically when a patient is preparing for surgery, the patient will ask the surgeon, “What kind of scar will this leave?” The surgeon replies “you won’t even notice”. Much like a medical surgical procedure we feel the same about our work. We are the surgeon operating on your home. Our goal and skill is in being the least intrusive in our work by leaving no outward scars or internal damage. Within our operating room your home will be improved and renewed without any visible indicators such as new seams, holes, bumps, or bruises.

When Chris Electric approaches a residential remodel we will look at the existing structures and walls and will determine how to manipulate our wires and leads through them without make a single new seam. Some projects have existing design build where we can take the drawings and adapt to best benefit your home, or we can create our own new set. We’re professionals, and laying an entire project for your residential remodel is our bread and butter. 

At Chris Electric we understand and specialize in old wiring, ungrounded wiring, combing old wiring with new wiring, and updating to code. We often add outlets, switches, receptacles, and increase or add power. Many residential remodels upgrade to LED lighting, recess lighting, accent lights, or under cabinet lighting. Our skills do not stop indoors as we customize and wire decks and outdoor lighting, security lighting, and garage spaces. Don’t forget that all of this is done with a surgical mindset, respecting the borders and walls of your home while we operate. 

Chris Electric has over two and a half decades of experience operating on residential remodels. If you were to choose a surgeon would you choose the newbie or the experienced one who has thousands of surgeries under his belt? Treat your home to the best in the business and you’ll be pleased with the results!

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